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Welcome to Papilio

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This new 8 point facelift or otherwise known as the liquid facelift is now exclusively available at Papilio

Welcome to Papilio Cosmetic


We are specialists in administering botox in Northampton & Milton Keynes. We are not a beauty clinic trying to dabble into this market. Administering botox and fillers is our business and we have trained comprehensively to become very professional and skilled in this market.

Why Papilio?

For clients who have had botox previously or those who are new to the experience the most important factor is having complete confidence in your practitioner. You want to feel special and that the person you are having your consultation with has time for you and listens to what you are trying to achieve. This is what we do best!

Great Products

We offer top quality products using Allergan botox and the best lip fillers on the market. Our practitioner will give you a free ½ hour consultation and will give you an indication of how you can achieve the look you want. For people wanting to try botox injections for the first time, or those who need a top up, the financial benefits are worth a visit to our clinics in Northampton & Milton Keynes.

Our Procedures

Rest assured you're in safe hands.

If you’ve never undertaken any of these procedures before but having been thinking about it for sometime then rest assured that Jayne will help you. During our hour long consultation we will discuss In depth your requirements and procedures, (with no obligation to proceed) time is given to you at your one hour long consultation.

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Professional Staff

Meet the Papilio Team

Our professional staff will analyse each client – spending time discussing procedures and evaluating each client’s requirements, understanding exactly what they are hoping to achieve. Confidence – knowing that each client is important to us and will be treated with best quality products. No rushing appointments and making sure that every client fully understands all the procedures about to be carried out.

Meet the Team
Achieving the Look

We DON'T give you a frozen face!

Our aim is to make each person look at their best with comments from friends such as “you are looking really well” but with them not really knowing WHY you are looking so good! Subtlety is our aim.

Needle Phobia

Let Jayne put you at ease. Numbing cream (local topical cream) can be applied and a tiny syringe used for each small injection makes it all relatively painless. After years of experience as a nurse Jayne’s an expert.

Our Treatments & Procedures

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