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The Liquid Facelift

Using a technique introduced to the market by top Brazilian doctor Maurizio De Maio, the 8 point face lift gives the effect of a minor face lift without the need for a general anaesthetic and the scalpel. Otherwise known as the liquid facelift, dermal fillers are used in very specific areas of the face to create lift and volume.

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A Quick & Easy Procedure with Long Lasting Effect

This technique is extremely popular in the U.S and Brazil and is now available in the UK. Jayne has undertaken her training in London and has carried out many procedures using this technique. All our clients have been very pleased with the results.

The appointment time is for an hour as Jayne explains the technique and the dermal fillers used. It is relatively painless as the fillers have a numbing agent within them. The results are visible immediately and patients will see the full benefits after one or two weeks.

Having never had botox or filler before I can’t believe the transformation! Best decision ever!! Lovely friendly environment with plenty of parking. Jayne made me feel so at ease and was very honest with me with what would and couldn’t work on my face. I’m so pleased with the results and I didn’t feel as if I had been SOLD the products. Recommended the clinic to all my friends.

Deb AstlesOxfordshire

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